Secular Franciscan Order (Ordo Franciscanus Saecularis)

Mary Queen of Angels Fraternity

Our History

Mary Queen of Angels Fraternity was canonically established on November 4, 2000 with approval of the Regional Executive Council, Friar Provincial Minister, and the Most Reverend Michael P. Driscoll, M.S.W., D.D., Bishop of the Diocese of Boise.

About our name:  Portiuncula - A town and parish situated about three-quarters of a mile from Assisi. The town, numbering about 2000 inhabitants and officially known as Santa Maria degli Angeli, has grown up around the church (basilica) of Our Lady of the Angels and the adjoining Franciscan monastery. It was here that on 24 Feb., 1208, St. Francis of Assisi recognized his vocation; here was for the most part his permanent abode, after the Benedictines (of the Cluny Congregation from about 1200) had presented him (about 1211) with the little chapel Portiuncula, i.e. a little portion (of land); here also he died on Saturday, 3 October, 1226.

November 17, 2013:  Region Visitation with BJ Christensen, OFS, & Sr. Sharon Bongiorno, FSPA and Chapter of Elections    

November 9, 2013:  Suzanne Aspy is professed at St. Pius, Coeur d'Alene, ID     

June 18, 2011:  Jim and Sharon Dahlstrom are professed at St. George, Post Falls, ID.   

February 12, 2011: Linda Pepper is professed at St. Pius, Coeur d'Alene, ID.

August 10, 2008:  Alessandro Chiappe is professed at St. Pius, Coeur d'Alene, ID.

April 13, 2008:  Patrick Kirlin accepted into the fraternity from Spokane.

April 19, 2007:  Friar Alberic Smith, OFM is appointed as Spiritual Assistant.

2001-2007:  Fr. Colman T. Nolan, S.T., provides his generous support as acting Spiritual Assistant.

November 4, 2000:  Mary Queen of Angels of the Secular Franciscan Order was Canonically Established.  Mass held at St. Stanislaus, Rathdrum, ID.

1999:  Fr. Alex Lulanga (R.I.P.) of the Diocese on Monze, with permission of the Diocese of Boise, provides Masses for gatherings.

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